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Mini Course
The Regenerative Leader




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Registration opens soon!




4,5h - online
1 Webinar (2,5h) (offline available) 
1 Coaching Session (2h)



tba $ Professional/
tba $ Student


Payment via PayPal & TransferWise

Special group enrolment pricing

March 2024, tba
April 2024, tba 
May 2024, tba


Why Enrol for our Mini Course
'The Regenerative Leader'? 

… because we need leaders who lead with awareness and regenerate by being in business.

Regenerative Leadership starts with ourselves(!). This course is meant to reflect on your own life, starting with the following questions that are fundamental to develop a regenerative leadership style:

Who am I? How do I lead myself? How do I lead others? 

While our online lecture provides you with the knowledge & tools to become a regenerative leader, our 1:1 coaching session will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into your personal ecosystems (private life, team, organisation etc.) and to look at them from the perspective of Living System Design. Meditation & breathwork play an important role in this course to explore our relationship to our monkey mind (our brain’s default mode network) and to discover what else mindfulness practices can offer to us for the sake of improving our leadership skills. 

This course is setting the basics to make you a leader who

  • leads intentionally, instead of accidentally

  • manages WHOLES & INTERRELATIONSHIPS, instead of parts and pieces

  • puts the development of people & their mindsets first

  • knows what it takes to create well-being for all stakeholder involved, starting with him*herself

  • creates truly sustainable success

  • does more with less!


Image by Chris Montgomery

What you will learn 

Mini Course - MC2

The Regenerative Leader

1. Brief introduction to Regenerative Leadership & Regenerative Mindsets 

2. Who am I?

3. A human life from the perspective of Living System Design

4. How do I lead myself?

5. How do I lead others?

6. Case Studies

7. Tools & practices to cultivate a Regenerative Mindset

8. Preview for Regenerative Leaders Online Training 

Please note that you will be given questions already before the online lecture that intend to raise your (self-)awareness. You’ll need to respond to those questions in an online form beforehand to get access to the online course. 

During the course you will be encouraged to reflect on your perspectives and experiences in the ecosystems you are moving in. We won’t open the webinar for open discussion to give you as much input as possible, but you will be able to comment via the live chat. The coaching session on the contrary, will be all about you! 

If you look for a deeper transformational journey, check out our Regenerative Leaders Online Training  with 5(!) private Coaching sessions.

How you will learn 

Online Lecture 
(offline available) 

1 Private Coaching 

Real-Life Application

(for your personal ecosystem:
private life & business/organisation)

Case Studies

Regenerative Tool-Kit

(e.g. Analysis Tools of Living System Design, (Self-)Reflection, Visualisations, Meditation, Embodiment Practices) 

Q&A Rounds

We will announce the exact dates in the upcoming weeks! Stay tuned! 


Please let us know if you are interested. We only have limited spots for each course. The better we know our demand, the better we can accommodate.

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