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What is Regenerative Leadership?

An awareness-based leadership approach that aims to build business models based on the principles of Living System Design to create well-being for all stakeholders.

By definition, 'to regenerate' simply means to bring something into a renewed existence. Regeneration is a natural process of all living systems that enables growth & resilience. Without regeneration there could be no life. 

Recognizing businesses as living systems and part of a closed loop-system, the broader ecosystem planet Earth, is the core perspective of Regenerative Leadership.


The work design of a regenerative business takes the interconnectedness of all stakeholders into account. It is based on the understanding that only a business that cultivates a symbiotic system with life-affirming structures can be truly sustainable and create wealth on all levels (social, environmental, economic).


Thus, a regenerative business inherently replenishes and reinvests
in the underlying systems on which it relies.

That means to put the development of people first!


Much like a tree only thrives if provided the necessary nutrients, a team’s full potential can only be brought forward in a healthy business culture.

Continuous (self-)reflection, eco-awareness & whole system thinking are key to unlocking that full potential! It means to be brutally honest, to make yourself vulnerable and act from a place of "I don't know".

Regenerative leadership is humble leadership!

"[It] is about the management of people for the benefit of the land - it is not about land management"
                                                          – Te Kawa o Te Utewera, Māori Protected Area  

Hiking Trail


Image by serjan midili

The development of
Regenerative Mindsets 
is key & starts with


Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 08.14.54.png
  • Takes Nature as Compass 

  • Views Wealth Holistically 

  • Thinks in Relationships, Wholes & Interdependence 

  • Acknowledges that Life is Dynamic & Ever-Changing
    → Responsive  

  • Embraces Potential, Synergies & Innovation 

  • Honours Community & Place 

  • Puts the Development of People First 

  • Activates Essence, Personal Agency & Participation 

  • Cultivates Critical & Whole System Thinking

  • Thinks Long Term


(Source: Capital Institute)

(Source: Capital Institute)

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