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Who are Regenerative Leaders?

A regenerative leader is someone who leads her/himself and others
intentionally with the objective of creating well-being for all stakeholders, 
including her/himself.


A regenerative leader can be anyone! Even if you don't lead a non-profit organisation or business, we are all leaders, for ourselves, family, friends, work colleagues, and our local and global community in the broader ecosystem planet Earth. 

Regenerative Leadership puts the relationship with ourselves first. 

A regenerative leader is... 

  • self-reflective, observant & a deep listener 

  • aware of how to maintain a healthy relationship with her/his own body & mind

  • aware of her/his own values & direction, needs & wants, strengths & weaknesses, tendencies & patterns and she/he understands where they are coming from

... because only then we can provide the perfect calibration of care & challenge for ourselves! And only then we are able to sustain our growth and can give back to society without compromising our own well-being. 

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“Before you can lead others, before you can help others... 
                            you have to discover yourself.” 
– Joe Jaworski (Founder of the Global Leadership Initiative)

Image by Jonas Verstuyft

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(Source: 100xLeader)

Regenerative leaders... 

  • develop active agents with strong (self-)awareness, and critical and whole system thinking

  • ensure that their team members become more attuned to the spaces in which they function and find possibilities to express themselves fully

  • always remind their team of the essence of their work

  • give clear direction, but stay responsive to the dynamics of a moving environment & changing stakeholder needs

  • implements life-affirming work systems

  • cultivate communication and problem-solving structures which step away from an ego perspective

  • sense & solve problems before they even emerge

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