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CSR/ Sustainability


All our services aim to develop regenerative mindsets.

We do not support for-show-only activities.


This is about real change by enhancing the dynamic relationship between Outside Impact and Inside Growth! 

Holistic CSR Strategy & Hourly Consultancy Service

We assess what Corporate Social Responsibility means in your unique context, and what you and your clients value. 
We support you in setting up a CSR Strategy, including CSR Diagnosis, Policy & Action Plan, and the work systems required to meet your goals. We help with internal & external communication efforts to create a sustainable brand with high credibility & strong stakeholder engagement and support. It is also possible to book our support on an hourly basis.


CSR/ Sustainability

A holistic strategy for sustainable success  

Transform yourself &
harness the power of regenerative practices 

Leadership Training &

Image by Jared Rice

Leadership Training & Coaching

We introduce you to the concept of Regenerative Leadership and take you on a journey of deep self-reflection & self-development. We let you explore your world from the perspective of living system design, starting with your values & the impact you are aiming for as an individual & organisation. A systematic analysis of your stakeholders, your leadership & all interrelationships will help us to identify the patterns & work systems which hold you back, and co-design new ones. Your team will learn how to apply whole system thinking and receive the tools to become regenerative leaders with a high level of (self-)awareness.

Leadership Retreats    

Dive deep in a hidden sanctuary
fully immersed in nature

Leadership Retreats (Private | Group)

Our retreats allow you to take a break from all the hustle and bustle, to take care of yourself and look at your micro-cosmos from a bird's perspective. This is an all-inclusive package with nourishing food, yoga, meditation, hiking trips and other outdoor activities. The retreat is divided into two parts:

1- How do I lead myself? How can I activate my full potential?
2- How do I lead my business/organisation? How can I activate      its full potential? 


Image by Toa Heftiba

Online Courses     

Learn & apply the principles of Regenerative Leadership
or join our Expert Fusion Programs!


Online Courses

We offer different online courses that introduce you to the concept of Regenerative Leadership & help you to develop a regenerative mindset. Our courses are recommended for everybody who wants to harness the transformative power of regenerative practices for their personal & professional life.

About our Expert Fusion Programs: We merge with experts from different fields and offer you transformational leadership trainings which dive deeper into your niche topic, such as Change Leadership, Social Impact Assessment, Diversity & Inclusion, Circular Economy or Green Finance. 

Mental Health Support

Climate emotions, anxiety, burnout... 
whatever you are dealing with, we are here for you!

Mental Health Support

Conflicts at the workplace, pressing deadlines, parenting,... life can be draining! We are here to create a safe space for you. We help you to look at your life from the perspective of Living System Design and help you to identify all factors which put you in a state of dis-ease, such as self-sabotaging thought patterns & behaviour. We equip you with tools to cope with the insanity of the world & to be your happiest, healthiest, most effective version!

This is about re-generating yourself!

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