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Why do we need to change the way we do business? 

… because the way we have always managed our people & resources has placed us in the throes of a
social, environmental and economic crisis
at expense of planetary & human health.

The rapid pace of global land degradation is alarming. Our extractive patterns of production and consumption have polluted the air, acidified oceans and depleted the world's soils beyond their natural ability to replenish.

We have interrupted the metabolic cycle of Earth, our only home in the known universe.

But it is not only the planet which is suffering from the way we manage our resources. Social inequality has never been as high as it is now, the nutrient content of our food is falling, and we are seeing terrifying increases in cases of anxiety, depression and deaths by suicide. 

On top of that, we live in a world where the majority of people are disengaged or unhappy in their jobs. According to a survey from Gallup's World Poll (160 countries, 2017), 85% of full-time employees hate their jobs. 


It has become imperative for us to seriously question our ways of doing: How did our relationship to nature & others evolve? How do we organise human energy and what is the true impact of our actions and activities on ourselves and the planet ?

At this stage, this relationship appears very degenerative....

Image by Claudio Schwarz

"In nature's economy the currency is not money, it is life"
– Vandana Shiva (Indian environmentalist)

Why is 'sustainable' not enough?

... because the world’s status quo calls out for a
paradigm shift towards regenerative systems
which not only aim to reduce our harmful impact, but generate a
NET SURPLUS for all stakeholders involved.

The dominant response to our environmental crisis has been nature conservation, worldwide efforts to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and business self-regulations that aim to assume Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The shift from a conventional to a greener, more sustainable mindset led to best practices that intend to reduce the harmful impact on the environment & people. Less water, less carbon, fewer chemicals, better wages, more charity, more comfortable workplaces…

But is 'less harm' enough? 

With an ever-growing world population of 7,8 billion people, we can't continue 'business as usual' with the addition of a few sustainability measurements that only look at a selected number of variables, ignore their interdependent relationships and still externalise environmental and social costs. 

The world's status quo calls out for a paradigm shift towards regenerative systems
that generate a NET SURPLUS
 across all levels,
take their interconnectedness into account and respect & work with life!

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 16.27.44.png

Why invest in a training program with us,
even if you are not trying to 'save the world'?

Let's break it down.

Why do projects fail or never reach their full potential?   

as individuals and in a collective!

Projects start with us and the way we...


"[It] is about the management of people for the benefit of the land - it is not about land management"
– Te Kawa o Te Utewera, Māori Protected Area  

Image by Justin Kauffman

Why is Regenerative Leadership a solution?

Developing a regenerative mindset will give you
the knowledge, the tools and ability to:

apply systemic thinking & the principles of Living System Design 
WHOLES & INTERRELATIONSHIPS, instead of parts & pieces
reduce entropy & increase

use your Sustainability/CSR strategy as a vehicle for your success
well-being for YOURSELF & all your stakeholders
strong relationships with your customers & involved communities

create a sustainable brand with
high credibility
attract more values-driven customers

personal agency & accountability
work better together 

attract more talent and people with high integrity & commitment
reduce your employee turnover rate
become a
No.1 employer due to level of personal development your
employees experience


become next-level leaders with high awareness

activate the full potential of yourself, your team(s) & business/organisation

stop running & act from your inner power
have fewer struggles & more peace of mind
leave a legacy you can be proud of

Interested? - Check out Our Services and fill in our Interest Inquiry Form. 

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