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Julia Ruff 
Founder & Lead Trainer


Julia is a passionate educator, sociologist and entrepreneur.

She founded this consultancy agency & knowledge hub for Conscious Business & Leadership Development with the deep conviction that this is what our collective future needs. 

Having been engaged in the Sustainability sector for seven years, she witnessed several projects with great potential rising high, but ultimately failing in the long-term because of a lack of leadership, communication and whole system thinking. 

The question that is driving her: How can we channel human energy to create true sustainable success? 

She has come to believe that it all starts within... 

Her vision is a future in which leaders put the development of their people first and strive to activate their full potential! A future where leaders recognize that more value comes back to us when we respect & work with life! 

Towards a better future

Her Vision...

A world in which regenerative businesses are considered as 'business as usual' and where leaders activate the full potential of their organisation and teams by implementing and cultivating life-affirming work designs.


To support individuals and organisations in developing regenerative mindsets, in order to implement & cultivate leadership structures which re-generate well-being across all spheres of life (social, environmental, economic). 

... & Values

Peace, connection & growth, compassion, vulnerability, honesty, respect, responsibility, commitment, mutual support & challenge, courage



Bali, Indonesia


Green Economy, Blue Economy, Green Finance, Sustainable Farming & Agroforestry, Organic & Fairtrade Certification Market


German, English, French, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia


In labels: An educator, sociologist & entrepreneur

From a universal perspective: A human being which is meant to fully express herself, experience joy and be in service of others.



22 people + 2000 farmers

100 people


B.A. Business Administration & Cultural Studies
University of Mannheim (Germany)

Sciences Po Lyon (France)

M.A. Global Studies (Sociology) 
Focus: Political Ecology & Sustainable Development
University of Freiburg (Germany)
University of Cape Town (South Africa)
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)


To help others explore themselves and unleash their full potential.


Perfectionism, detail-oriented working, self doubts, proud, procrastination, overprotection of herself & others, wanting to be liked 


“I am not doing enough”, “I am not enough”, “I am not able…”, “I must...”, “I must do this alone”


Hiking, surfing, climbing, yoga, dancing, watching sunset & the stars, sitting & listening to the sounds of nature, meditation, breath work, journaling & poetry, feeling, laughing, playing, sharing the beauty of life with others, simply being myself ....


Passionate & entertaining educator, deep question-maker, making the uncomfortable comfortable, holding a safe space for others, deep listening, non-judgemental, shifting perspectives and cultivating self-belief in others, analytical, endless curiosity for the workings of society & the human mind, resilience & will power


Chief Sustainability Officer & CSR Responsible, Head of the Sustainable Agriculture Development Department, Research Assistant on Sustainability, Partnerships Manager for Community-Based Agroforestry Projects


  • Permaculture Course, Sahainan Permaculture Farm, Thailand

  • Syntropic Farming Workshop with Ernst Götsch, La Loma Viva, Spain

  • Certified Functional Fitness Instructor (CFT1)

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Iyengar/Restorative (YTT200)

Image by Aron Visuals


JR | Regenerative Leadership is a story of deep transformation.

A story of separation and disconnection, and that of gradual renewal & reconnection. 

A story inspired by Julia's own life which appears like a time lapse showing how human consciousness evolved and is further rising.

Click through this slideshow and learn how her conventional mindset got transformed into a regenerative mindset.


"Of course not, it's a process and every day is a day of applying & re-learning. But I believe that I have the gift & a unique skillset to ask the right questions, to unravel complex systems strategically and to guide people through transformational learning experiences.


I leave people with new perspectives and heightened awareness which will stick a life long and help them to become the best possible leader they are meant to be, for themselves and others. 

What drives me? -  Intense personal experiences with myself, friends and family which are a reflection of the wounds of human society and the deep conviction that awareness-based leadership & education can divert this trend. I believe that we can only have truly sustainable success if we lead with awareness and create systems in harmony with life (read below about my core belief). I committed with all my heart to the service of developing leaders for a regenerative future." 

Are you ready to activate the regenerative power in you? Check out Our Services. We are happy to bring you on a transformational journey with us!


Am I
a 'perfect' leader?

Image by wahyu pratama


What is guiding you, Julia?

"JR | Regenerative Leadership emerged in the deep jungle of Bali, the Island of Gods, as a result of a personal transformation that allowed me to start breaking free from degenerative patterns and to welcome true well-being into my life.


Bali is the only remaining stronghold of Hinduism in the Indonesian archipelago. The island's community preserved their deep cultural heritage and traditions over centuries, withstanding the forces of Westernization. Balinese Hindus live lives deeply entwined in their belief systems. Daily offerings and a wide range of ceremonies are an essential part to worship all creation, find strength and receive protection.

I take the ancient Balinese philosophy Tri Hita Karana as our guiding principle. It helps take ownership and responsibility for our life and to maintain harmonious relationships on Mother Earth which involves the relations between human and fellow human beings, human and nature, and human and God.  

                         TRI  HITA KARANA      
 (= Three Causes to Prosperity, Three Ways to Happiness) 

1. Relationship with People 

2. Relationship with Nature 

3. Relationship with God

​The SDG Pyramid framework launched at the United Nations platform on the International Day of Happiness 2017 (see below) is equally inspired by Tri Hita Karana. The pyramid emphasises that the spiritual connection is key to create abundance in all spheres of life. With JR | Regenerative Leadership, we take happiness as the ultimate goal of all our actions and aim to create work designs that are aligned with the universal forces of life."

Image by Florian GIORGIO
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