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Bring your team on a transformational journey to unlock the full potential of your business. 

We develop leaders 
for a regenerative future.   


in the wisdom
of nature.

Once we acknowledge that we are part of nature, we open up our perspective on how we are doing business. The world’s status quo calls out for a paradigm shift towards regenerative systems that respect & work with life!

By raising our consciousness and shifting towards a systemic/living-systems way of leading, we cannot only ‘reduce the harm’ - we can save financial resources, prevent headaches and generate a net surplus for all stakeholders involved to create true wealth!

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Regenerative Leadership.

Leadership Training Packages - Corporate/Organisational 
Leadership Coaching Packages - Individual/Single Entrepreneur 

Please find our complete Workshop Module Catalogue & price details for our Full Training/Coaching Programme in the back of each document. 
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You feel you & your team(s) could benefit from a deep self-reflection journey about the inner & outer workings of your organisation? 

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“How much longer are you going to stay oblivious
of the immensity of yourself?"


– Shree Rajneesh (Osho)

CSR Package
  • Mindfulness

  • (Self-)Awareness

  • Whole System Thinking 

  • Living System Design

  • Holistic Sustainability

  • Syntropy > Entropy

  • Biomimicry

Our Approach:

We are ambassadors of a new paradigm.

Shifting away from a one-sided approach to Sustainability, we look at your organisation holistically


We help to set up new work designs that create well-being across all levels (social, environmental, economic), and leverage the full potential of your team(s) & business. Our tools are based on the principles of Awareness-Based Leadership & Living System Design which allow us to bring you on a deep (self-)reflection journey about the inner & outer workings of your organisation.

We offer consultancy services for your CSR/Sustainability Approach,

transformational Leadership Trainings & Retreats, Online Courses, Coaching & Mental Health Support. We work with teams or individually. Our clients are private companies, non-profit organisations, (social) entrepreneurs, consultants and students who view Sustainability as much more than a marketing tool and want to lead more consciously & by example.

Download our Leadership Approach here.
Image by Radoslav Bali
Julia Ruff, Founder & Lead Trainer 
(from Germany  |  based in Bali)

Julia is the founder and core of JR | Regenerative Leadership, a passionate educator, sociologist and entrepreneur. 

Having worked in the Sustainability sector for seven years, she observed that most organisations pursue a one-sided approach to Sustainability. Even if Sustainability is one of the core values, teams struggle to apply its principles to the entire business model holistically, starting with the way they manage themselves. She witnessed several projects with great potential rising high, but ultimately failing in the long-term because of a lack of leadership, communication and whole system thinking.

She began to ask: How can we channel human energy in a way that creates a positive impact for all stakeholders involved?

She has come to believe that it all starts within... 

Your Guide & Facilitator 

The people we serve... 

Image by Aaron Madulara
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 17.30.07.png

Yessy Neliana, Product Manager at Tripper Nature Bali (Indonesia)

“I sensed from the very beginning that Julia was approaching her leadership position more consciously than others, especially if it was about the dynamics between departments, individual people and the work systems in place.”

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 16.30.31.png

Sheryll Fisher, Manager Director of Outback Initiatives (Australia)

"The practical application of the theory is where Julia has helped with the most - her practical approach and her incredible knowledge-base and support has been foundational to our success in this area. I highly recommend Julia to any leader or organisation who want to take their organisation past 'sustainable' and into a regenerative future."

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 16.36.42.png

Masril Akhmad, Project Manager at Invest Islands Foundation
(Lombok, Indonesia)

“It has been truly transformational for our core team! We redefined my role as a leader, and I can't thank Julia enough for the inner power I gained throughout this process."

Fathia Madania, Sales Director of Technical Outdoor Indonesia

"Julia provided me with a very interesting & insightful perspective on my private and professional life by using the 3D Mapping tool. I was feeling unsure about where I was at in my life, why and where I wanted to bring it. This exercise helped me to look at my life from a higher perspective, taking into consideration how relationships in life affect and drive you. The whole experience was unforgettable and very helpful. 


Everyone who feels the need to reflect on their life to make the right choices and move forward should benefit from this exercise."

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Image by Polina Kuzovkova

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